Wing Lung Bank Online and Mobile Banking

Wing Lung Bank Online and Mobile BankingWing Lung Bank is a Hong Kong based financial institution that provides banking services  mainly in Hong Kong and Mainland China. The bank currently has 50 outlets across Hong Kong, Macau, Mainland China and some overseas countries. In its endeavor to provide quality banking services to its clientele, Wing Lung Bank has put in place well established online and mobile banking platforms. 

Wing Lung Online Banking

The Wing Lung online banking, dubbed the Personal NET Banking provides customers with a flawless online financial management platform. Applications to the Personal NET Banking and form downloading can be done online and customers are required to setup accounts to be able to access the services. Some of the benefits that customers stand to enjoy by using the Personal NET Banking include:
– Ability to check account balance and the transaction history in real time
– Provision of a fast and convenient way of transferring funds from own Wing Lung Bank accounts and to accounts in other banks
– Ability to check the balance of their credit card account and make payments to the accounts
– Ability to repay their loans, pay bills, and accomplish other forms of payment
– Foreign Exchange services, inquiries about MPF information and making contributions are other key services provided by the Wing Lung online banking.

One of the key features of the Personal NET Banking is the ability to trade in local stocks and be served with latest stock market alerts and quotes. Securities trading via the Bank’s online platform offers the following benefits:
– Access to an efficient and convenient stock trading platform
– Provision of free market information that includes information on listed firms, financial alerts, and market research data that is essential for effective securities trading
– Provision of free stock quotes in real time
– Other key benefits include service charge waiver for all securities deposit, no fees for rights exercised and warrants, the ability to sale odd lot shares at the prevailing lot bid price, and the ability to immediately use sale proceeds for purchasing other shares.

Wing Lung Mobile Banking

The Wing Lung Bank has an innovative mobile banking service that allows customers to access general banking and stock trading services. Wing Lung mobile allows customers to login using their Personal NET Banking details to access various services on their mobile. The general banking services offered on mobile include:
– Balance and transaction history inquiry
– Transacting foreign exchange for more than 10 currencies
– Transferring funds to other accounts – Access to gold dealing transactions
– Payment of bills and setting up forward payment
– Easy and convenient way to change password without visiting bank branch

Securities trading services offered by Wing Lung mobile banking include:
– Selection of a trading accounts
– Actual securities trading, including real time quote inquiries
– Inquiries about day orders and transaction history
– Customers can also use it to check the balance of their settlement accounts, transfer funds between securities and settlement accounts, access latest stock information, and get latest quotes and charts.

Wing Lung Bank customers are advised to take precautionary measures while accessing services via the Personal NET Banking. These includes, preventing an unauthorized access to their mobile devices by use of passwords, checking their balances periodically, and making sure they log out of their accounts after each session.

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